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Think of Your Website as A Living Room

You spend all that time driving people to your website only to let them get away.  It’s pointless to have driven people there only for them to lose interest and then abruptly leave.  There are simple things to do to keep them there. Think about the things YOU like when you are visiting. Think like a consumer,  but also as someone who wants to be entertained or interested. For example, when you walk into someone’s house, what is appealing or not appealing to you?  Do you like to walk in to a room with dark paneled walls, lack of windows, and drab furniture?  You don’t want to stay there now do you?  On the other hand, when you walk into a room that’s light and airy with soft gentle tones and livable surroundings, you want to stay there all day.  Think the same way when you design or update your website. People want to see things that are kind to the eyes:

  • easy to read font
  • interesting articles that grab your attention
  • easy to click buttons
  • and most importantly, convenience.

When your customer wants to take action, make it easy for them.  Have your contact info visible.  Make sure your “purchase” or “add to cart” is in an easy-to-find place.  You spend all kinds of money on building and maintaining a website.  Make sure it works for you!