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Baby Boomers as a Target Audience

Sometimes referred to as the most valuable generation for marketers, Baby Boomers are make up the largest generational audience. If  reaching Boomers is an important part of your business’ marketing strategy, read the tips below.

1. Marketing Design

It’s popular to use young models in marketing pieces but Boomers might not relate to the age difference. Make sure your marketing shows images that Boomers can relate to. A well known example is Dove’s marketing campaign that used models over the age of 50 compared to their competitors that show models in their 20’s.

Boomers read more than the younger generations. Where Generation Y & Z depend more on graphics, Boomers rely on reading and researching products/services. Make sure your marketing material is easy and large enough for Boomers to read. Use appropriate typefaces that are not too fancy and adjust line height, leading and color of your text so Boomers can read with ease.

Although Boomers read more than the younger generations, don’t make them read too much. When possible use graphics to break up the text and layout the copy so Boomers can quickly find important details. Be in control of your marketing piece so much that the piece guides the Boomers eyes exactly where you want them to go!

Keep in mind how age changes peoples perception of color and research color patterns that are distinguished well by people older than 50.

2. Store Layout

Is your office or store comfortable for Boomers to be in? Make sure Boomers are comfortable in your place of business but without suggesting they are old.

  • Pay attention to your parking lot and make sure Boomers can get a good parking spot and easily make it to your entrance
  • Make sure your door is easy to open
  • Boomers like to be greeted more than younger generations
  • Don’t make them reach for products
  • Get rid of background noise
  • Accommodating Bathrooms
  • Comfortable Seating

3. Employee Training

Although Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, they are much more active than previous generations and would never consider themselves as old. Treating them with respect is important and never make them feel like a senior citizen. Although they are generally healthier than previous generations, employees should be aware of deteriorating eye site or hearing. Make sure employees are sensitive to those conditions without making the Boomer feel old. When talking to a Boomer look them in the eyes and speak clearly. My father is a Boomer and is very healthy except for his hearing. Background noise really messes things up and he sometimes relays on reading lips so looking directly at him is important. Keep in mind that boomers might never let on that they have a tough time seeing or hearing something. An employee that is sensitive enough to be aware of a Boomers need could be very valuable.