March 14, 2018 bcook

Updating your website?

Space Jam website

The original website for the 1996 film starring Michael Jordan, “Space Jam” is still online. If your website looks like this, it’s time to update!


Now more than ever, a website defines a customer’s first impression of you. Are all features available on mobile? Is there a way to make purchases securely? Can customers share their experience with their friends on social media?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to update your website by adding new features or maybe a new website all together! As you are searching for a new perfect website (such as WordPress template) for your business, make sure the following features are supported:
Most website templates will include this but it is a good idea to check. With this feature, your website will display correctly in browser and on mobile devices.

SEO Optimization
Your brand-new website should be easy to find! Search Engine Optimization allows you to add keywords that will help customers find your site using Google.

Social Media Integration
Customers want to know that you interact with your client base often and in ways that are relevant. Adding your team’s latest tweets or Facebook event to the home page show you are engaged with your audience.

If your business requires transactions of any kind, research a plugin or provider before committing to a platform. If customers feel that their personal information is protected through services like PayPal or Apple Pay, they will not hesitate to make a purchase with your company.

24/7 Support
This is the most important! As you navigate your new site and features you will have questions and need help. Check to make sure your new site includes at least 6 months of support and read the customer reviews to gauge how responsive they will be to calls or messages.

Author, Laura V. Boston
The C3 Group